Joseph Pegler is a underwater photographer based in the North West of U.K. He has specialised in underwater photography for over 5 years and has worked with a range of clients, including Speedo.  

He has established himself as a independent curator and has founded the award winning International art showcase The Lucky Jotter

TLJ is over 5 years old and represents over 500 established artists from across the globe. It runs online projects and has so far had 9 national and international exhibitions.

Working with national and international artists is where Joseph's passion lies. He has worked closely with established artists such as Mishka Henner, Sam Shendi, Stanley Chow and Lincoln Townley

He has also produced work for a number of galleries including, Saatchi GalleryGrundy Art Gallery, HOME , Tate Liverpool, The Tetley Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester International festivalNational Media Museum, The Royal Academy and the L.A B.A.F.T.A's.

Underwater photography, commercial projects and sporting events has become the main focus to Joseph photography career. Please email to see a digital commercial portfolio.

If you're a model looking for an underwater shoot please provide the following via email:

  • 1-4 images of your previous work
  • Your availability  (Dates & Times) 
  • Pool or Location based shoot


Email: josephpegler@gmail.com
Phone: 07756 684291
Twitter: @josephpegler
Instagram: @josephpegler

Awards & Features 

Winning entrepreneur for 'The Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge', Blackpool Council - Start Up, January 2013

The Lucky Jotter Art Showcase
Fount Art Collective 
Carve Magazine
Kook Mag
Acid Surf
Red Eye

Selected Exhibitions 

'Blimey', Soho Gallery, New York, 

'Infectious', The Cube, Manchester

The Photocopy Club', London

The Photo Fringe', Brighton

'Tourist Information Centre' Supercollider, Blackpool

'Photography group show', II II // I space, Berlin

Adventure and the ocean', WOWOHHO Space, Hong Kong

'Civic Photography', Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

Selected Curated Shows

  • The Lucky Jotter 1ST, Leyland, 2012
  • The Lucky Jotter, '2ND',Blackpool, 2012
  • The Lucky Jotter '3RD', Manchester, 2013
  • II II // I Photography group show, Berlin, 2013
  • The Lucky Jotter '4TH', Berlin, 2013
Ian Tilton 'Set In Stone', Blackpool, 2013
  • Emma Benyon 'Camera-Less', Blackpool, 2013
  • 'Deltiology', VENN Projects, Blackpool, 2013
Wayne Daniel, 'Pseudo', VENN Projects, Blackpool, 2013
  • The Lucky Jotter '5TH', Jam Industries, Nottingham, 2013
  • We're Building This Thing', FYC Gallery, Blackpool, 2013

  • Squirrel & Tiffin, FYCreatives Gallery, Blackpool, 2014
  • The Lucky Jotter 6TH, FYC Gallery, Blackpool, 2014
  • Museum of Contemporary Rubbish, FYC Gallery, Blackpool, 2014

  • Breakfast Included pop up Gallery, Blackpool, 2015 
  • The Lucky Jotter 7TH, 2022NQ, Manchester, 2015
  • The Lucky Jotter 8TH, BFC Gallery, Blackpool, 2016
  • TLJ Collab Projects, Online, April 2017 - Present  
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